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Deftown Artworks registered its label, patented the pitchers protective cap solution and is currently manufacturing the collection.

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  • Our company has set itself the goal to meet the highest standards in baseball sports. Therefore, we developed an material that is extremely durable and resistant - Deftown Ultralight. At 60 grams per plastic shell the carrier can no longer notice any difference to a normal baseball cap. The shell is designed to fully integrate the impact of a baseball, and distributes the impact powers in all directions without breaking. the protector mounted on the inside absorbs the energy released, and reduces the force on the carriers head.
  • The protector made out of regenerative materials, returns back to its original shape, even after heavy use. The protector is provided with a cotton layer protecting the wearer's skin especial at high intensity. The Deftown seal stands for maximum color, seamless designs, scratch-resistant protective coating and continuously tested quality. This combination makes the Deftown Pitcher Caps unique.