About Deftown

The crown for many and still a sign of individuality: Directors and film stars swear upon them, besides many hipsters, musicians and baseball players that what to be en vogue.

The fashionable baseball cap is trend object, sunshade, trademark and often all at ones. The origins of the “basecap” lie in America; its found its way to Germany in the seventies. Since the basecap came into being the manufacturing process remained almost the same. Mostly made of linen, cotton or synthetic fibre, with a stiffened front and a stable shield, encounters the good piece its customer in unit sizes? In fabrics in countless designs, patterned, embroidered or with printed logos of well known clubs (such as the legendary New York Yankees).

If it comes to high-resolution display of motifs, so far the basecap reaches its limits regarding design. Printing on fabrics is very limited, due to its surface structure, for example cotton denies a precise representation. Ironed motives in turn are relatively easy to detach from the surface, or they become brittle after the cap has been washed.

As start up company Deftown is already leader manufacturing baseball caps with protective function and high-resolution display of motifs. Our products are designed for the fashion and sports industry and patented.

At our Deftown headquarters located in Germany, Hallbergmoos, the entire product development process happens. The production is realized through our partner companies in Austria. After a long period of development work, we are now able to present the first collection which will be available from summer 2014.